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Technology Specialist

Sophia Garza (upper and lower labs)

Computer Lab/Technology

  Students love when it is Computer Lab time! Two updated computer labs enhance instruction for all Jefferson students. Students attend the lab anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week! Ms. Garza assists students in the lab and helps teachers update students' activities based on individual needs.

Programs Available


Compass Learning Storybook Weaver
Compass Odyssey English in a Flash
Kidspiration Math in a Flash
Reader's Edge Understanding Math
Type to Learn Office Power Point
SRI Office Publisher
Reading Counts  


  Compass Learning gives students an assessment in math, reading, and language. The results show which skills have been mastered and which need practice. The program then prescribes activities on skills until mastery occurs.

Compass Odyssey provides interactive activites in all subject areas. Students log on to this program with a menu of choices their teacher has set up based on grade level curriculum and individual needs. Log on at home!

  Kidspiration promotes visual learning, mapping ideas out, and thinking skills.
  Reader's Edge helps students to develop habits to read more fluently. It takes only 15 minutes a day!
  Type to Learn is an award-winning keyboarding program for kids. Children learn typing skils through this fun, interactive program. It is amazing to see how much they enjoy it!
  SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) assesses reading levels and measures reading progress.
  Reading Counts is a leveled reading program that monitors independent reading skills with a computer generated quiz taken by students after finishing a book. This program has proven to improve academic achievement and is highly motivating for students.
  Storybook Weaver is a program in which students listen to stories and develop their reading, vocabulary, and thinking skills. It also allows students to create their own stories by adding characters, setting, text, and even sound effects!
  English in a Flash is a research-based program designed to teach English faster by learning sounds, vocabulary, and grammar within a meaningful context.
  Math in a Flash
  Understanding Math is a software program for Grades 4 - 10 designed to teach conceptual understanding through examples and interactive questions and tests.
  Office Power Point is a Microsoft Program that allows to student to present and showcase their work, e.g., a report, a scientific investigation, an art exhibit, a lesson teaching others, etc.
  Office Publisher allows students to design and create graphics for their presentation with Power Point.