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5th Grade International Baccalaureate Exhibition

5th Grade Exhibition

Check out our latest video on the Learner Profile Attribute of "Knowledgeable" as well as a reflection and advice from our fifth graders after their 2019 Exhibition Project.



Transdisciplinary theme:

How We Express Ourselves- An inquiry into the local and global issues. The process into identifying a need and the action that can affect the need or issue and how constant reflection and cooperation can help resolve problems.


Central Idea:

Humans can help solve worldwide issues locally and globally.



What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • There are problems that we can address.

  • I can take action that will affect local or global issues.

  • There are reliable research sources.

Key Concepts


• Causation – What is causing the problem?


• Perspective – Why is it a problem?


• Reflection – What can we do about it?

Exhibition 2023

Exhibition Night Will be Live this year.  Stay tuned.

The I.B. Exhibition will be presented live in 2023. 

The Exhibition is a requirement for our 5th grade students.  Our students are required "to  participate in a collaborative, transdisciplinary inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering solutions to real-life issues or problems."  

Our students will plan the exhibition, gather materials, record and reflect, and finally present the exhibition to the Jefferson community live.  We will follow COVID-19 related restrictions.

Our students will be rigorously monitored academically throughout the process.  Students will keep an individual learning journal.  The teachers will keep anecdotal records of student work and performance.  Other permanent records of the exhibition will include the I.B. planners, photographs, video, and website based documents.

 Tentative Exhibition Timeline 2023

Exhibition KIck-off Monday, February 6, 2023
Three areas of interest due. Research Topic Due on Thursday, Feb 9, 2022
Teams announced on Feb 10, 2023
Research Topic starts Monday, Feb 13, 2023 Research line of Inquiry and gather at least 3 resources
Introduction to create Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry (Meet with I.B. Coordinator) Thursday, Feb 16.. 2023
Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry (Teams Meet with I.B. Coordinator) Thursday, Feb 23.. 2023
Final Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry sheet due February 24, 2023
Start Action Projects Febrary 27, 2023
Note taking/ Outlining for written report February 13-16, 2023
Working on rough draft with Mentors/ Introduction of Action Piece February 21-March 2, 2023
Rough Draft Due March 3, 2023
Working on Action Plan with Mentor/ Action Piece due at end of class
Start Display Board, Presentation, Final Draft of research paper
Final Draft of Research Paper due/Report Progress of action to mentors March 10, 2023
Due- Presentation, Display Board & Action due March 17, 2023
Presentation completed and Action Piece completed March 17, 2023
Rehearsal of Presentations March 20-24, 2023
IB Exhibition March 30, 2023


2022 I.B. Exhibition Timeline
Wednesday, February 09 Three areas of interest (UN 17 Sustainable Goals), Academic Honesty and Approaches to Learning Due.
Friday, February 11 Pick Subtopic (Research line of Inquiry) and gather at least 3 resources (articles, Internet/book/magazine/etc,)
Monday, February 14 Introduction to create Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry (Meet with I.B. Coordinator)   Share Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry
February 14-15 Take notes.  Outlining for written report . (Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry)
February 16-17

Start Rough Draft.  Think about Action piece.

March 11

Finish Final Essay and start your Google slide presentation.

Final Draft of Research Paper due

February 28- March 31

Action being completed.  Report Progress of action to Mentors

March 11-18 Slide Presentations completed
 March 18-31

 Construct Tri-Fold Poster Board Displays

March 18 Slide Presentations 
March 31 Poster Boards and Action Completed
April 13 Exhibition Presentations 2022 in the Auditorium 6-7:30 p.m.
April 18-22 Spring Break


 Thank you for your support.
  Parents, Please review the above timeline with your student and post at home.


Exhibition Board

Resources for Exhibition Project