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School Pledge
School Pledge

Playground Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to help all staff structure our playground supervision and  activities in order to create a positive playground environment for ​all students. 

Jefferson School Wide Behavior

Why School-wide expectations and supports?

School Wide Expectations and Supports is an approach modeled after PBIS (Positive Behavior  Interventions and Supports) to support students in being successful in school. (PBIS was developed  from research in the fields of behavior theory and effective instruction and supports all students  through intervention ranging from a school-wide system to a system for developing individualized  plans for specific students. School-wide Expectations and supports focus on the development and  implementation of proactive procedures and practices to prevent problem behavior for all  students and improve school climate.

Who is on the school-wide expectations and supports team? 

Everyone is a part of the School Wide Expectations and Support team with the intention and  commitment to develop a positive and consistent school culture.  We will have a School Wide  Expectations and Support committee to support implementation of the plan, monitor effectiveness,  share best practices, communicate with all stakeholders, and revise the current plan as needed.  The team should be representative of the entire school staff across grade levels, classified staff,  Special Education staff, school psychologist, etc. Teams may also have a parent or community  member. Having a representative team will improve communication and feedback about the  program and should also improve involvement and belief-in throughout the school. Student  Leadership members may be utilized to support classes in monthly announcements.

what are the responsibilities of the school-wide expectations and support team? 

The team is responsible for supporting School Wide Expectations and Support implementation,  activities and programs and continually monitoring the program and its components.  The School  Wide Expectations and Support Committee will present information at staff meetings to keep staff  up to date with program components and receive input and feedback from staff.      The following pages describe the School Wide Expectations and Support plan and programs for  this year. It is expected that all school staff will be active participants in the school wide  programming, including General Education and Special Education staff, Certified and Classified  staff, cafeteria and custodial staff, even volunteers and substitute teachers.