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Cory Scurlock



Welcome to Ms. Scurlock's 3rd grade page! 


I am thrilled to be at Jefferson teaching 3rd, truly my dream grade level. My daughter was a student at Jefferson, so it is a place that already felt like home, so joining the staff was a natural progression. I am very honored to be a part of the Jefferson team. I work hard to create a classroom that I would want my daughter in, one with boundaries and a ton of love. 


When I am not teaching, I love to be outside on adventures with my daughter. I am lucky that at 14 and in 8th this year, she likes to 'hang with mom'! We LOVE Disneyland and always have to hunt for Goofy as he is my favorite Disney character. My daughter is a good sport and plays along! I am also a huge Harry Potter fan. My daughter and I also love collecting Pop Figures. We have one dog now, Polly, one cat named Leah. and a Russian Tortoise named Truman. Polly is 6lbs and SO smart. Leah is fat and happy and Truman is small, loves to eat as well as explore his outdoor enclosure on warm days! We had another dog, Max who was a big 100lbs, but he lost a battle with cancer in March. He was a cool dog. In my past life, I rode and trained horses for many years.  I really LOVE to cook as it is my creative outlet. I am not one to follow recipes, I just "wing it" and thankfully, I am pretty successful with this method. I also am so lucky to have wonderful parents that live just 1.5 miles from us here in Carlsbad. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Make sure if you see me out and about, say hello! 


My focus is on social and emotional growth in our classroom. When children feel loved, safe, and understand expectations, learning happens. 


If you ever have any questions, please let me know. 


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