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Welcome to First Grade!

Here's a few things about me, in case you were interested:


1. I have 3 daughters and 3 dogs. The daughters are quite wonderful. The dogs are a little bit naughty. Jimmy is the naughtiest. He will eat anything he can get his paws on. He leaves a mess just about everywhere. Daisy and Henry, the other dogs, have better manners. 


2.  I sometimes dress as the StoryQueen and tell stories.







3.  Speaking of books, I write them. I have written 12 books for children with 2 more on the way (2019, and 2020). Sometimes I write about what it is like to be a teacher and a writer here.  Or, you can read about my books themselves here.


The book below was dedicated to the students of Jefferson!!!



And the book above just won the CELI (Center for Excellence in Literacy Instruction) Read Aloud Book Award for 2017, and the Alabama State Children's Choice Book Award for 2018!


4.  I never eat cereal for breakfast. That is because when I was little, I ate cereal for breakfast every single school day. That was 12 years, (13 if you count kindergarten, which I do), 180 school days each year. If you do the math, 180 x 13 = 2,340 bowls of cereal, which is quite a lot for anyone in a life time. 


5.  I love reading about places far away. I love to read before I go to bed. Bed is my favorite place to read.


6.  I run every day. I do not run far and I do not run fast, but I do drag myself out of bed each morning and have a little bit of a jog before school each day. It helps my brain get ready for the day.


7. I love Star Wars. I own three pairs of Star Wars shoes. Seriously.


Looking forward to meeting all of you in person soon!


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Shelley Thomas
Shelly Thomas