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Alert San Diego

Please use this link to get your cell phone and email signed up for Alert San Diego.  Alert San Diego will try to contact you in case of an emergency situation (natural disaster, local issue, school event). 


Information On Ways To Keep Our Kids Drug-Free:


It's Time To Talk (English version)

Es Tiempo De Hablar (en Espanol)

Parent Information

Jefferson Communication

Jefferson School Rules

Please be advised that our Jefferson Leadership Team has developed our school rules to reflect a clear and concise way in which students will conduct themselves.  We ask your assistance in familiarizing yourself and your students & reinforcing these rules at home so that all Jefferson students come to school prepared and ready for success. 

All students need to do the following each day:    

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Give Your Best Effort

The following items are new rules or rules that have been slightly altered from previous rules:

  • Phones should be turned off and put away during the school day
  • No toys are allowed at school
  • Electronics are not allowed at school (including video games, ipods & the like)*
  • No hats, hoods, or beanies indoors
  • Running only permitted on grass areas**
  • Students who are on campus must stay in the cafeteria area until 8am each morning.

* except for classroom use with an educational purpose & with permission of the teacher.

** Please emphasize the need for students not to run on concrete, asphalt or other areas deemed unsafe.


All Jefferson Students should be able to ask themselves:

"Is it safe?" 

"Is it respectful?" 

"Is it my best effort?"