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Jaguar Express Newsletter

Jaguar Express - Monthly Jefferson PTA Newsletter

Parking Reminder...

Jefferson Parents:

When you are entering the drop off and pick-up zone of the school, please assist us with the following requests:

  1.  Adhere to a minimum speed;
  2.  Under no circumstances, leave any vehicle unattended in the pick-up and drop off  lane;
  3. Pull your vehicle all the way forward, often times it may seem empty and okay to park but cars come in groups with the changing lights;
  4. Drop off and pick up your child at the curb only and not in the second lane;
  5. Please drop off  before the 8:15 a.m. bell rings or before the assigned time  for TK and Kinder; and, 
  6. If you child is late, please go through the office.

All this is for the safety of each child here.  Many cars stand higher than our children are tall.  By being diligent with this each day, we will ensure that this process is safe and seamless.

Also, it is important when visiting our school to park in an unmarked parking space and sign in and sigh out in the office. All visitors must wear a visitor badge.

Finally, so that we can avoid any unnecessary interruption in the classroom, please be sure your child has the necessary items ready to start their day; for example, lunch, homework or extra water.  

Thank you for your assistance.