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Let's Take Action


Fourth Grade

Contact Jason Serafin  Jason Serafin (760) 331-5532 Teacher
Contact Maria Teran-Cruz  Maria Teran-Cruz (760) 331-5579 Teacher





Current IB Unit

Who We Are

Keepers of Mother Earth - A study of California's indigenous Native American people

Central Idea - People Adapt to Their Environment

Native American Celebration - Thursday, November 15 from 1:00 - 1:35 pm. Parents are invited to the auditorium to view student work and have a piece of pumpkin pie!

Field Trips

Mission San Luis Rey - Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Serafin - December 21st (parents drivers/chaperones needed)


Leo Carrillo Ranch - Mrs. Cruz - February 13th; Mr. Serafin - March 26th (bus/parent chaperones needed)


Rancho Adobe Vista - Mr. Serafin - January 22; Mrs. Cruz - February 1st (parent drivers/chaperones needed)


GIA - Mr. Serafin - April 18th; Mrs. Cruz - April 25th (parent drivers/chaperones needed)


Old Town San Diego - Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Serafin - June 11th (take the Coaster train/parent chaperones needed)


Tamarack Beach - Mrs. Cruz and Mr. Serafin - June 13th (walking/parent chaperones needed)


IB Focus