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2013-2014 KJEF

First Semester:

Director-Amelia Holl

Director-Natalia Avalos 



A huge thank you goes out to Ms. Lisa Posard and our Jefferson P.T.A.  for their generous donation to our KJEF NEWS program.  Ms. Lisa Posard delivered a pair of boxes to our "studio" on December 9, 2009.  We received a new 21.5 inch widescreen iMac for editing and two cameras for filming.  It is a very timely contribution since our last working camera was ready to give out. We are grateful for your support.

Thank you, Mrs. Sandy Derby for your kind donation to our program.  Mrs. Derby donated some funds via the office that will be used to purchase memory cards for our new cameras. Thanks for your support.


Click on the link to see the latest broadcast.



Also, check out the rest of the archived shows.


About the Team

 KJEF NEWS is a 5th grade news production team.  This is a student produced show.  The news team writes, films, edits, and produces a digital video T.V. newscast for our school. The show is viewed on campus via a closed cable system on channel 3.  The shows are looped all week until the new edition is produced.  The audience on campus can turn on their T.V.s anywhere on campus and watch the week's happenings anytime.

The stages of production include the following: 

Students plan their stories and go out to the field to film on location.  They return to the classroom to import and edit the footage on an iMac computer using iMovie.  The KJEF editors export a movie file once they are satisfied with their news movie for the week .  The movie file is finally uploaded to the KJEF Google Site to be viewed on demand.    The broadcast is available until the next show is ready.  Teachers and students can watch the broadcast on their devices, anytime, from anywhere.


Donation information.

We gladly accept donations of materials needed for production.  Contact our school to make a donation.  Examples of materials:  SD memory cards, digital video camera, microphone, even a green screen..  Thank you.

Kjef News began in 2000 with a pair of analog cameras. Our first digital show in 2002 used Canon miniDV tape cameras running on a 700Mhz iMac. In 2010, we  started using flash memory digital cameras and an 3.06 GHz iMac .

KJEF Then Now.jpg

Video Recording Stage of Production

Video Recording Stage of Production

Video Editing Stage of Production

Video Editing Stage of Production